9 Unique Ideas for your book shelves

The best bookshelf decor often comes from items you already have. Objects that have special meaning to you or evoke certain memories make great bookshelf decor. Despite the increased popularity of eBooks and eReaders, you may still enjoy the tactile experience of paging through your favorite books. If you have a favorite collection of books and want to showcase them in style.

Floating Bookshelf : Floating shelves are the way to go if you want to create your own home personal library. Line an open wall with floating shelves to both add depth and color to a room.

These bookshelves are particularly helpful in an office, freeing up space desk space for everything you need to stay organized. It’s all about letting one wall be filled with countless of books – this is also a great way to spare some of the floor space.

Styling Cubed Shelves: These common bookshelves are easy to purchase and customize with your own style. Add white cubed bookshelves to a neutral-toned room and add bursts of color in your book selection and removable cubed drawers.

Tree Bookcase: An amazing tree bookshelf for those of you who love nature and woods. It gives the appearance that the things are placed on it on different angles.  You can do your part for the environment while coming up with unique bookshelf ideas that grab people’s attention. Old wooden ladders work great in this capacity. You can set two of them upright, facing each other and place reclaimed wood in between the rungs for large, freestanding shelves.

There’s nothing a book lover appreciates more than a comfortable, stylish spot to enjoy their collection. When it comes to design, this can translate to a cozy nook with a few floating shelves or a spacious library or a floor-to-ceiling built-ins. Plus, the styling opportunities for bookshelves are endless. These tree shaped bookshelves come with enough branches for all of your books to be stored securely and easily accessed whenever you want.

Hanging Bookshelf: This is Hanging Bookshelf an innovative storage design for your books, unlike anything we’ve seen before. It can’t replace a whole bookcase, but two or three systems could be fun to hang somewhere in your home.

Arrange Book By Height: YA books are typically smaller than adult books, which makes for an uneven decoration. Although I love how my bookshelf is organized by color, I read a lot of different genres & styles, so my books come in all different heights. If you have a lot of books that are all the same size and height, group those together. Try to create a row of books that are all the same height – it will look seriously uncluttered and really clean!

Arrange Book By Color: If you want to add a bit of panache to your shelves, rearranging your books by color is a great way to mix it up. Create a rainbow within your bookcases! Arrange your color-sorted books horizontally. For a more formal appearance, organize books by both color and size.

Introduce Old Volumes: Decorate the room, hold books that have belonged to the home for nearly two centuries. There’s nothing like vintage books to add a sense of history to your shelves, and we especially love how collections of old volumes bring home that inviting library feel.

 Arrange Your Books on a Ladder: Ladders are a fun and interesting way to incorporate something visually unexpected into a room.  Placing books on a ladder will allow you to incorporate color and texture in your room and put a unique spin on storage.

Ceiling Bookshelf: The Ceiling Bookshelf is a great idea for book storage if your space is limited. The ceiling bookshelf is an idea that can be applied quite easy. In open plan spaces, use book storage to create a reading zone. All you need to add is a comfy chair and a reading light and you have your own personal library.

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