How to Give Living Room a Royal Touch?

“Live Life, King Size,”– Each day we work hard to ensure a similar lifestyle. 

Yes, it’s true that repainting the Living Room is like writing a novel. Fortunately, adding a touch of luxury to your living room renovation doesn’t have to come at a luxurious price – with just a few clever tweaks and touches, you can transform yours.

Living Room:

Setting up a luxury living room is just about finding the right elements and setting them up in a perfect manner.

The living room is the place where happiness spreads through evening talks, night dinner and late night movies. The living room is the place where we cheer up for our favorite sports team.

A majority of Home owners & family oriented people love to spend most of their time in living area. 

So it is very important for every one to keep their living room clean and give a prime significance in terms of decor. Organizing your small living room will make a quite difference, it will make your living room to be appealing, attractive and extremely beautiful- it can serve as a veritable space for relaxation. 

For some reason adding an artistic touch to this multipurpose place will draw the attention of guests by creating a dashing look to your space.

There are many ways in which you can add a regal touch to your home.  

Try these living room ideas for a royal home:

Hang up a Large Art Piece

Another way to create an impressive focal point in your living room would be to hang up a large art piece on the wall. 

Look around your local market or online and get creative and make your own art for high-impact, low-budget home improvement.

Decorative pieces

From funky art pieces to functional accents, decorative accessories are a simple way to infuse your space with personal charm. Home decor is the defining characteristic of your living room layout, so let your personality shine by showcasing items that inspire you.

Antiques are the best decor items if you wish to give your home an imperial touch. Decorate your living room with them and watch your entire place transform like never before.

In one of the walls hang a clock with Roman numerals or keep one on the table. These were a part of any royal homes and they still carry the same appeal.


You need to time to choose good lighting; let the lighting be hung or attached to the walls from above, so that it can effectively and efficiently save room on floor space.

Ceiling lights need to be chosen carefully to make the right impression. You may choose a chandelier or traditional close-to-ceiling fixture in your hallway to provide the basic illumination and create a welcoming atmosphere.


  • White walls involve peace and coolness around you. They are real cool option. It gives a royal look when the living space is wide.
  • Modern style living room has an outlook similar to that of a hotel room. You can choose light colors for modern design living rooms such as brown, cream or grey.

Clean up

Floors are dirty. They collect dust, dirt, crumbs and grime. Sometimes, we spill things on our poor floors which can turn into a sticky mess real fast. Go over any spots that feel sticky or any visible spot that the vacuum didn’t get.

A simplified space not only adds a sense of sophistication but will also allow the elements that remain to truly shine and take the spotlight.

Begin with a 15-minute living room cleanup.

  • Dust down the living room ceiling and corners of walls in.
  • Clean the ceiling fan in the living room.
  • Dust and clean out the couches and chairs.
  • Clean the carpets and rugs

Let deep green accents enrich without commandeering

Decorating with green has never been so popular, as we strive to welcome the calming influences of nature indoors.

Take your living room to dreamy depths without overwhelming your space in overly dramatic effect, with a few cleverly considered accent pieces. Anchor green goddess style with a large hero piece of furniture.

Unique Furniture

The Eye-soothing and attractive option comes in. Is your furniture royal?

  • Placing and selecting furniture depends on you. 

Flanked by a set of stylish chairs adds a touch of elegance. Discovering some unique pieces of furniture from a coffee table to couch or chairs will not just make it welcoming but interesting & beautiful.

Installing a rack or horizontal slabs for books & other show-offs, keeping a vintage looking piano (if you do) and a traditional rug is bringing focus to this artistic living room.

These are the best types of living room ideas which you can select for your homes. Just follow the above-mentioned tips and guidelines that can help you carry out this task smoothly and effectively.

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