How To Pick A Perfect Piece Of Art For Your Home

Choosing an Artwork is an extremely personal experience. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have that “love at first sight” feeling with a piece of Art and nothing else matters we simply have to have it in our home! 

There’s no denying that the right piece of artwork can instantly transform any room in the house.

  • One way is to first consider where you want to hang the art. How much room do you have? Do you want a small piece of art, a large one, or a series of pieces? What’s the theme of the room? How is your lighting? Try to get an idea of the perfect piece. 
  • “Art is a place for expression through color, content, and texture,” Displaying favorite pieces of art can add a uniquely personal touch to an interior.


Choosing the perfect Style and Subject:

‘Perfect Art’ is very subjective.

What you choose to put on your walls is a very personal choice, however, don’t rush into it. Ask yourself what appeals about a piece – is it the color, subject or something else?

Artwork varies in style, from Renaissance to minimalist and everything in between. You could choose to play it safe with a simple piece that is in line with the room’s decor scheme.

Choose what you like:

“You know what you’re looking for, and that makes it much easier to find something you love.”

“The more you look, “the more you’ll understand what you like.”

And no matter how little you know, or how afraid you feel, if you see something you know you love, buy it.

Sticking to a budget:

A good first priority for a new collector is to focus on what your budget is.

Before you even start looking at art and trying to decide what to buy, you should decide how much you want to spend. “Be specific about that—and fairly fixed.

Remember that you can discuss your budget with the gallery owner, or artist, and they can help you find the perfect piece of original art to suit your pocket.

Incorporating Art with your Existing Decor:

Before purchasing new wall art for a specific space, take stock of what decor and furniture you already have in there.

It is in our very nature to evolve over time. Similarly, our taste and preference in art evolve over time too. It thus becomes pertinent for one to ensure that any new art one purchases, seamlessly blends with the existing ones.

Add some color:

The color of an artwork can influence the look of the whole room.

A pop of color from a piece of art can tie in with cushions or other accessories pulling together the loose ends of your space.

If you want the art to show off a main color, then everything around it has to support it. For example, if the artwork’s color is warm, make sure the pieces around it are in cool colors because it will make it stand out more.

Deciding on One Large Piece, or Two Smaller Ones:

Notice how there’s one piece of art on the left wall, but two pieces on the right? Imagine if it was two pieces and then two pieces again on the opposite wall. It would just look like a mistake.

You can also do a grid of art, or a trio of art on some walls too. It’s all about figuring out the size of wall you need to fill, and then filling it with something. That something can be one piece, two pieces, a four grid, and so on.

Light Up Artwork:

Dimly lit artwork will lose impact and look dull and muted. 

 Great lighting will make your artwork pop and contribute to the mood of the room. 

If you really love a work of art, it can be worth it to pay full price on the original piece. Watch the artist and see if they continue their career and are committed. Allow yourself the chance to fall in love with art and to truly appreciate the pieces you bring into your home. 

It should be something you will enjoy having in your home every day.

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